Refund Policy

  1. If any product you purchased on the Megisti website is found to be damaged, please contact Customer Service within 7 days of the date of shipment and quote the relevant receipt number for further processing.
  2. If you need to request a replacement, please ensure that the product and its packaging are in good condition. (one time only, no refunds)
  3. If the purchased product is eligible for return or exchange, we will contact you to arrange return and exchange procedures. You can go to the customer service center or arrange third-party logistics for related return and exchange. Customers must confirm acceptance of the exchange within 5 days and return the item to our company for another item.
  4. Please keep your purchase receipt for repairs and maintenance. Customers who fail to provide relevant certificates will not be provided with warranty services.
  5. All pre-ordered products, ordered products, food, consumables, digital electronics, specials, displays, personal items or products that are not subject to return or exchange will not be returned or exchanged.
  6. Due to delays in supplier shipment schedules/delivery dates, no refunds will be accepted and other items can be exchanged.
  7. Returns will not be accepted when a customer purchases a product that is deemed not to be to personal liking or not of the expected quality.
  8. If the user has sensitive skin, it is recommended to consult a doctor before purchasing the product. For customers who have a sensitive reaction to the purchased product, no return arrangement will be accepted.
  9. Before placing an order online, please ensure the recipient name, recipient phone number and delivery address are correct. Delays in delivery and third-party liability due to incorrect information will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  10. If the goods are not returned or exchanged according to the instructions and methods provided by the online customer service, the company reserves the right to refuse the return or exchange. A complete return must include the following (any of which are essential): original packaging, accessories (if any), invoice
  11. All sold items (including pre-order products) are non-refundable.
  12. Item Exchange Value: Customers may exchange items of equal or lesser value. If they want to replace an item that is worth more than the original purchase amount, they must pay the difference.
Please note that products cannot be returned or exchanged if:
  1. More than seven days, no return application will be accepted.
  2. Incomplete packaging; a complete packaging should include the merchandise, original packaging materials and accessories.
  3. Due to different settings and resolutions of computer screens, there may be slight color differences in the item. This is normal and cannot be returned or exchanged due to slight color variations in the item. (The actual color is subject to the actual picture on the official website. MEGIVO has the right to make the final decision on whether the product has obvious color difference).
*If you have any return or exchange questions, please contact our customer service team, we will be happy to help you.
Megisti reserves the right to change the terms and conditions with prior notice and reserves the right to refuse product replacements;
*In case of any dispute, Megisti will make the final decision.